Rehab for Chronic Pain and Chronic Conditions

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Chronic Pain / Chronic Conditions exist when symptoms last more than 6 months or beyond the time normally expected for healing. In general, these conditions require on-going attention and may limit activities and quality of life.

Whole Healthcare for Chronic Conditions
Integrative Wellness, Inc., Physical Therapy addresses the whole person – looking at how all elements are related – using a wellness focus and mind-body rehabilitation. The approach is perfect for those who want a comprehensive treatment approach to pain and/or decreased activity tolerance.

You will receive 50 minutes of one-on-one therapy, by a skilled physical therapist with more than 20 years’ experience in chronic pain and chronic disease management rehabilitation. Multi-systems model of care addresses the multiple sources and effects of pain and dysfunction.

Emphasis is on helping you need less help. Visits are typically 1 time per week, as needed. Many patients come once or twice per month.

Progress while avoiding flares. Exercise progression is strategic and sufficiently gradual to avoid flaring pain, fatigue or other symptoms.

Education is key:
• neuromuscular re-education to reduce movement patterns that cause pain and other symptoms;
• cognitive-behavioral education to provide strategies for coping;
• body mechanics education so we can do more with less pay-back;
• gentle manual therapy to help the mind and body remember how to relax.

If you are challenged with of chronic pain / chronic disease, I am here to help.
Please call Dr. Natalie Dowty at 402-212-7444 to get the specialized care you need.


Posted by Integrative Wellness, Inc., & Natalie Dowty, PT, MPT, EdD