A true healer by W.K.

Incredible teacher and healer. I had surgery scheduled when I first went to see Natalie. Her techniques combined with acupuncture (another provider) allowed me to enjoy my summer instead of spending it recovering from surgery. I now move my body differently and have tools for managing pain that have completely transformed my life.

Knee, shoulder, S.I., and feet problems addressed with excellent physical therapist by Grateful Patient

I have been an observer and/or receiver of physical therapy from many different physical therapists in the past six years. I have had the most benefit from the work with Natalie Dowty. She has a broad range of therapeutic techniques that she tailors to each patient, always within the framework of working with the whole person. This perspective is part of why she is so effective. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to actively participate in increasing their level of well-being along with their physical condition. I have seen great improvement with chronic knee, shoulder, S.I., and feet problems. But even more than that, Natalie has helped me to be enthused about and committed to maintaining and improving my overall functioning for life.

Dr. Natalie Dowty by Sculptor

Dr. Dowty helped me recover from the pain of a collapsed vertebrae. She educates her patients while she is helping them. I continue to use what I learned from her 8 years ago. Recently I referred a friend who thought that the only alternative for his back pain was surgery. Dr. Dowty has helped him recover without the need for surgery.

Strong recommendation for Integrative Wellness by Dancer

Dr. Dowty is a knowledgeable, caring physical therapist with a wide range of interventions for chronic pain. She educates her patients, empowering them to accomplish not only daily living activities but also to achieve future goals. I highly recommend her.


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